About me

Sahar Abdallah
Is a children`s books illustrator since 2006; who grew up in Egypt and currently based in Toronto. She graduated from Helwan University majoring in Art Education, Egypt to work specifically for children through her illustrations with various publishers in the Arab region. She finds her inspiration in her ” Cat ” and the media that she is well experienced in are Collage, Acrylic and pencils colours. In 2009, she was included as an illustrator in the Children’s Books Encyclopedia in Egypt.

She also wrote and illustrated ” Fanoun’s Tales ” published by Elias 2012 and ” I found a Home ..Tout the Flea ” published by Arab House Library for Books 2014 which were nominated for Shaikh Zayed prize. And her third book ” life is love not war ” was published by Al Banan, Lebanon 2017

She tried to approach early childhood by handling workshops: ” Draw with Fanoun ” Egypt, 2012 and ” Telling, Drawing and Playing ” Algeria 2013 and held three solo exhibitions: ” children and stories ” at Al Sawi Cultural wheel, Egypt 2009, ” A painting and A book ” at Al Mashrabia art gallery, Egypt 2012 and ” scribbles ” at the British Council, Al Masrabia and Jesuite, Egypt 2014 . The last two exhibitions were her successful projects granted by the British Council and the Culture Resource.

During 2013 till 2016 she had worked as a counsellor in Qatr Al Nada children`s Magazine, Egypt.

She was awarded the state incentive prize for illustrating the children book “ My Heart is Tiny ” Egypt,2012 and received an appreciation certificate from the writer`s union and Cairo Atelier, a runner-up in Mahmoud Kahil award, Lebanon 2017 and in the same year nominated for Etisalat award-book of the year and best illustrations categories-Sharjah, UAE and for Arab Thought Foundation, Arabi 21,  Lebanon

She is a member of Plastic Arts Syndicate, Cairo, Egypt since 2002, a member of the Canadian Children’s Book Center, Toronto, Canada since 2013 and recently a member in the society of children`s books writers and illustrators, East Canada and Canscaip, Canada.